A Sugar Addicts Struggle To Survive

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Day 4: Working Does The Body Good

Here I am at the end of day 4. I gotta say, as much as going back to work after a long weekend sucks, it is very helpful when trying to diet. There are no temptations at my job. Sometimes we have a big container of nuts, but besides that there is only water. So today was a very successful day. I did have some tortilla chips with salad tonight for dinner, which wasn’t sugar, but made me feel gross. I started to feel that need for something sweet afterwards, so I went for a run and eventually it went away. Each day gets a little easier!

Here is a link about the “Sugar Busters! Diet” Which tells you which foods to eat and not eat. I must say they have a lot of protein choices that I do not eat (kinda a vegetarian).. According to this diet sugar is toxic!