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Day 2: What Is The Deal With Fruit?

Desmond loves apples

It is day 2 of my low sugar diet and I am feeling great. Last night I hit up a Red Socks game where my self control was really tested. Everywhere I turned there were people with soft serve ice cream, and that ice cream was covered in rainbow sprinkles. It is funny because I told myself after my 21 days I would treat myself to something, and that thing would be soft serve with rainbow sprinkles. I didn’t cave though!

So I am still trying to understand the “rules” of this diet. I guess they are whatever I want them to be, but I don’t want to think I accomplished something if in fact I am still taking in way too much sugar. I will say this though, if I can go 21 days without eating candy or chocolate then that is an accomplishment in itself.

Anyways, I am going to try to cut back as much as possible. Started out the day with non-fat plain Greek yogurt, which apparently has 9 grams of sugar in a serving. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? This is plain as can be and still they managed to shove a bunch of sugar in it. I would not want to know what it would taste like with 0 grams of sugar, blah. I did cut up a few (only 2) strawberries into the yogurt and had a packet of almonds. The almonds also plain still managed to have 1 gram of sugar in them. So as of now I am probably up to around 10 grams. Ah well, such is life. That will be my fruit consumption for the day.

Here is a list of fruits that are low in sugar:

-Lemon and Lime

Fruits Low to Medium in Sugar

-Casaba Melon
-Honeydew melons
-Apricots (fresh, not dried)