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Day 16: Race Day

Finished my 10k race in 52 minutes, which is about an 8.5 minute mile. Not too shabby, considering I did not get much sleep (Thanks Celtics..) and I drank a beer or two the  night before. It was a hot day and there were tons of hills. Overall, it was a good race. Over 800 people running in it and I finished 49th in my age group and 500th something overall to finish. Still trying to find out how many people were in my age group.

Races are a lot of fun. I am going to check out some more over the next few months, and I will be running in the 1/2 marathon in the Fall. My best friend ran her first 10K today and did awesome! She ran under an 11 minute mile which is great for her. I suggest everyone try a 5k or 10k race once in their life. If nothing else, you get a sweet t-shirt or water bottle. Unfortunately only the first 400 people who signed up got a t-shirt for today’s race, so I missed out. Oh well.

Aside from the 52 minutes of running, I ate pretty badly today. I have been following the low sugar, no candy or chocolate thing, but today I did slip up. I ate a piece of homemade biscotti and a couple of jelly beans, which is completely off track!┬áRunning made me feel like such an athlete with healthy eating habits, but I also had that “I deserve this” mentality going on.So, tomorrow is Monday and I will be cutting the bread out for the week. I will keep you updated on that as the week goes on. Only one more week of this 21 day sugar diet, but I think I will try to stick it out longer. We will see!