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DAY 21: Three Weeks Down

Well, it has been 21 days! I would be lying if I said I was perfect all the way through, but I can say with confidence that these past 3 weeks I have taken in less sugar than ever before. Ever before meaning, in the past 5 years or so.  While I did make some slip ups ( bite of a cookie here, or piece of biscotti there) I did not have ANY CANDY!

To treat myself I purchased a small Pinkberry original flavor frozen yogurt. I had a few bites and actually could not finish it because it was way too sweet. As for now I plan on staying low sugar. I am hoping that these three weeks have helped with my sweet tooth and the cravings I have after every meal. One treat a week seems appropriate, and if I feel like my cravings are creeping back, I will definitely try three weeks again.

What next do you ask? Low Carb diet! Aiming for 14 days of low carbs = no bread. Will be tough I am sure, but the sooner your start the sooner it is over! Stay tuned for more healthy recipes and dieting ideas.

Day 16: Race Day

Finished my 10k race in 52 minutes, which is about an 8.5 minute mile. Not too shabby, considering I did not get much sleep (Thanks Celtics..) and I drank a beer or two the  night before. It was a hot day and there were tons of hills. Overall, it was a good race. Over 800 people running in it and I finished 49th in my age group and 500th something overall to finish. Still trying to find out how many people were in my age group.

Races are a lot of fun. I am going to check out some more over the next few months, and I will be running in the 1/2 marathon in the Fall. My best friend ran her first 10K today and did awesome! She ran under an 11 minute mile which is great for her. I suggest everyone try a 5k or 10k race once in their life. If nothing else, you get a sweet t-shirt or water bottle. Unfortunately only the first 400 people who signed up got a t-shirt for today’s race, so I missed out. Oh well.

Aside from the 52 minutes of running, I ate pretty badly today. I have been following the low sugar, no candy or chocolate thing, but today I did slip up. I ate a piece of homemade biscotti and a couple of jelly beans, which is completely off track! Running made me feel like such an athlete with healthy eating habits, but I also had that “I deserve this” mentality going on.So, tomorrow is Monday and I will be cutting the bread out for the week. I will keep you updated on that as the week goes on. Only one more week of this 21 day sugar diet, but I think I will try to stick it out longer. We will see!

Day 9: It’s a 5K Kinda Day

pre-race stance

It was a last minute decision, but when a 5k race is starting across the street from your front door it is hard to turn down. I will be running in a 10K next weekend, so I wanted a little something to get me ready. This race was great! It went up a few huge hills which was a cool challenge. I ran an 8 min. mile, which is not too shabby. There were kids that were probably 10 and 11 years old that beat me. It was crazy. They sprinted the whole time! Races are great because they make you feel accomplished, and are a great start to the day, especially when you dieting. It is hard to eat junk when you ran in a race, because you want to keep that ” I am an athlete” thing going on.

Today was a big step for me. I attended a friend’s graduation party and there was ridiculous amounts of food. I did eat some french bread, but did not eat ANY of the desserts. There were at least 3 different cakes, a few pies and 3 plates of cookies. There was also fruit platter, of which I had some grapes and a few strawberries. I didn’t feel the urge to eat anything, which was surprising. I did just want one of the ginger snap cookies. I have been craving those for a few weeks now.

so many sweets

Feel content and healthy! Nothing like a good run to keep you on track.