A Sugar Addicts Struggle To Survive

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DAY 21: Three Weeks Down

Well, it has been 21 days! I would be lying if I said I was perfect all the way through, but I can say with confidence that these past 3 weeks I have taken in less sugar than ever before. Ever before meaning, in the past 5 years or so.  While I did make some slip ups ( bite of a cookie here, or piece of biscotti there) I did not have ANY CANDY!

To treat myself I purchased a small Pinkberry original flavor frozen yogurt. I had a few bites and actually could not finish it because it was way too sweet. As for now I plan on staying low sugar. I am hoping that these three weeks have helped with my sweet tooth and the cravings I have after every meal. One treat a week seems appropriate, and if I feel like my cravings are creeping back, I will definitely try three weeks again.

What next do you ask? Low Carb diet! Aiming for 14 days of low carbs = no bread. Will be tough I am sure, but the sooner your start the sooner it is over! Stay tuned for more healthy recipes and dieting ideas.


Day 19: Healthy Eating Recipes

Looking for healthy spins on some recipes? Here are some things I have eaten, loved, and think you will too. I will add some more later, but here are just a few for now.I also included some snack ideas! (more…)

Day 14: Weekend Eating And Racing



Cute Puppy For Your Friday Viewing

Well, it is Friday again, which means the weekend! Thankfully there is no garbage food in my house. There is actually no food in my house..should probably hit up the grocery store. This time I will eat and not be hungry when I go shopping.

 I am going to check out some local farmer’s markets on Saturday. The goal for the next 7 days is to not only cut out sugar, but limit my simple carbs. I have focused these first two weeks on cutting candy/treats so much, that I have actually eaten more bread. Will have to work on that.

I will be running a 10k on Sunday with my bestie. It is her longest race and my first 10k. I have run in a 1/2 marathon but that was last September, so this will be my longest race since then. Going to have some Italian food in the North End for dinner the night before, which is OK because I am gonna burn right through that meal Sunday morning. Wish me luck!

Day 13: Food Prep For Healthy Eating

I can not stress enough how important food preparation is when dieting. I should probably practice what I preach, because lately “grazing” seems a lot easier than eating an actual meal.

Sunday is the best day to plan your meals ahead of time. That is what I plan on doing this weekend.  I am no nutritionist, but I do know a good amount about eating healthy, through common knowledge and friends in the health industry. So here is a list of some foods you can prepare ahead of time to stay on a healthy diet. (more…)