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Day 17: Struggling With A Diet

It happens to most of us. You start a diet or exercise program and get super excited about it. You start out doing really well, and then as the days or weeks go on you start to lose interest. I have mentioned struggling with that before, and up until this point I was doing really well with this diet thing.

I think the weekend and the long race I did is causing me to make some dumb food choices. Part of the bad eating is because I was so hungry yesterday from running for so long. Dumb excuse, but I was in carb loading mode. Today, I had a pretty big lunch and now feel full and uncomfortable. It is just a matter of getting back on track, which can be extremely difficult. Once you are back in the zone for 3-4 days, it gets a lot easier.

I find that reading about different healthy recipes, and learning new workouts is helpful when trying to stay on target. I also like reading quotes and ideas about getting healthy and fit on Pinterest. Here are a few cool things I have come across.. hopefully it is helpful!

Love this! Everytime you give up you have to start over from scratch