A Sugar Addicts Struggle To Survive

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DAY 21: Three Weeks Down

Well, it has been 21 days! I would be lying if I said I was perfect all the way through, but I can say with confidence that these past 3 weeks I have taken in less sugar than ever before. Ever before meaning, in the past 5 years or so.  While I did make some slip ups ( bite of a cookie here, or piece of biscotti there) I did not have ANY CANDY!

To treat myself I purchased a small Pinkberry original flavor frozen yogurt. I had a few bites and actually could not finish it because it was way too sweet. As for now I plan on staying low sugar. I am hoping that these three weeks have helped with my sweet tooth and the cravings I have after every meal. One treat a week seems appropriate, and if I feel like my cravings are creeping back, I will definitely try three weeks again.

What next do you ask? Low Carb diet! Aiming for 14 days of low carbs = no bread. Will be tough I am sure, but the sooner your start the sooner it is over! Stay tuned for more healthy recipes and dieting ideas.


Day 13: Food Prep For Healthy Eating

I can not stress enough how important food preparation is when dieting. I should probably practice what I preach, because lately “grazing” seems a lot easier than eating an actual meal.

Sunday is the best day to plan your meals ahead of time. That is what I plan on doing this weekend.  I am no nutritionist, but I do know a good amount about eating healthy, through common knowledge and friends in the health industry. So here is a list of some foods you can prepare ahead of time to stay on a healthy diet. (more…)

Day 6: Gluten Free Will Set You Free!


NO I am not going to start eating gluten free. Well not today anyway, But doing  research is fun!

Here is a webpage about living gluten free and refined sugar free. I am more about the refined sugar free thing as this point, and there are some great recipes on this site.

I knew a girl in college who could only eat gluten free food and it sounded horrible. She could pretty much never go out to dinner because the restaurant couldn’t say it was completely gluten free and they didn’t want to be the cause of her getting sick. This was almost 5 years ago, and now I see gluten free sections of menus and grocery stores popping up all over the place. I have also heard about how everyone should eat gluten free because it is a lot healthier. It is something to consider trying. (more…)

Day 3: This Is Going To Be Hard!

I came across another blogger last night, and found out the following:

1 teaspoon of sugar is 4 grams.  Current recommendations are for no more than 6-8 teaspoons of  added sugars each day, that is 16-32 grams per day of sweeteners. 

So I am going to shoot for 16-32 grams per day, and that is nearly impossible. Everything is loaded with sugar! Between my yogurt and almonds yesterday, I was already at 10G, now with everything else I had yesterday, I had to have been close to…2060G of sugar! OK, that is an exaggeration, but bottom line counting sugar grams is going to be intense. I will keep track all day today and see what I come up with for a total. 

Now, to keep me motivated,here is another piece of info courtesy of the blog” Food Diary of a Dietitian, Everyday Ideas and True Confessions” 

“One practical concern with excess sugar consumption is that it is rapidly absorbed, quickly elevates blood sugar and leads to further sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Sugar is a viscous cycle, the more you eat the more you want. Elevated blood sugar stimulates the release of insulin; insulin loves to store sugar; guess how it is stored? Thats right- as fat! As well, insulin prefers to store that fat in the waist area, nestled right in there with our vital organs. This is called “visceral fat” and is the most metabolically active and dangerous type of fat as it interferes with our metabolism, hormone balance, and organ function”


Day 1: Facing The Sugar Addiction Head On

Whenever I start a diet of any kind, it always starts out the same way. I am super excited to start it, I am optimistic and I don’t feel like anything could stop me. This is it, this is the time I will follow through and I will finally lose that belly. Of course the only thing I lose is momentum and by the end of the next day, sometimes even the first day I give up. Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

What I have come to learn from my constant dieting failures, is that #1 You can always start again, and #2 the longer you go, the easier it gets. I have had some good weeks of eating healthy, but as soon as someone is having a get together, or there is a restaurant date, my hard work goes to shit. I have no self control.

My biggest weakness is sugar. I guess you can say I am somewhat of a candy addict. Sure I like cupcakes, cakes, brownies, pies, and any pastry you throw my way, but that isn’t the think I am craving night and day. What I love is the sticky, sour, sweet, chewy, or gooey sugar filled candy! Any kind, doesn’t matter. I usually cannot go 3-4 days without it. I usually substitute a candy flavored gum to try to ween myself off the stuff, but it isn’t the same.

So after much investigating and thought, I have decided to cut all or almost all of my sugar intake for the next 21 days. I read that it takes 21 days to kick a habit, so I am hoping that after these 3 weeks I can not only improve my health, but kick my crazy candy addiction. This will include all candy,chocolate, other obvious sugar filled foods, and I will also be cutting back on the fruit. I will only have 1 fruit a day, if any. I have sorta been going crazy and eating 2 pints of strawberries a day.

So here goes.. day 1!