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Day 14: Weekend Eating And Racing



Cute Puppy For Your Friday Viewing

Well, it is Friday again, which means the weekend! Thankfully there is no garbage food in my house. There is actually no food in my house..should probably hit up the grocery store. This time I will eat and not be hungry when I go shopping.

 I am going to check out some local farmer’s markets on Saturday. The goal for the next 7 days is to not only cut out sugar, but limit my simple carbs. I have focused these first two weeks on cutting candy/treats so much, that I have actually eaten more bread. Will have to work on that.

I will be running a 10k on Sunday with my bestie. It is her longest race and my first 10k. I have run in a 1/2 marathon but that was last September, so this will be my longest race since then. Going to have some Italian food in the North End for dinner the night before, which is OK because I am gonna burn right through that meal Sunday morning. Wish me luck!


Day 9: It’s a 5K Kinda Day

pre-race stance

It was a last minute decision, but when a 5k race is starting across the street from your front door it is hard to turn down. I will be running in a 10K next weekend, so I wanted a little something to get me ready. This race was great! It went up a few huge hills which was a cool challenge. I ran an 8 min. mile, which is not too shabby. There were kids that were probably 10 and 11 years old that beat me. It was crazy. They sprinted the whole time! Races are great because they make you feel accomplished, and are a great start to the day, especially when you dieting. It is hard to eat junk when you ran in a race, because you want to keep that ” I am an athlete” thing going on.

Today was a big step for me. I attended a friend’s graduation party and there was ridiculous amounts of food. I did eat some french bread, but did not eat ANY of the desserts. There were at least 3 different cakes, a few pies and 3 plates of cookies. There was also fruit platter, of which I had some grapes and a few strawberries. I didn’t feel the urge to eat anything, which was surprising. I did just want one of the ginger snap cookies. I have been craving those for a few weeks now.

so many sweets

Feel content and healthy! Nothing like a good run to keep you on track.