A Sugar Addicts Struggle To Survive

half eaten cake in my fridge.

I actually have no cravings for sweets. I have not thought about candy for a while now. It would be harder if it was actually in my face, but fortunately for me nobody in my house has a big stash of the stuff lying around. There is however, a chocolate cake in my fridge. When I feel the urge to take a forkful when nobody is looking, I just think about the scene from the movie “Matilda” where Ms.Trumbull makes the fat kid eat an entire chocolate cake. EW.

I have noticed in the past few days that I have been eating a little too much bread. Mainly peanut butter (teddie all natural salt free) on 12 grain high fiber bread, but this isn’t the healthiest lunch & dinner. Preparing your meals ahead of time is the most important thing to do when trying to diet. Lately, I have been lazy with the food prep, and just eat on the run. I only have 30 minutes for lunch and usually have boot camp class right after work. Will have to work on that.


Which will YOU choose?

My biggest problems with food is eating when I am stressed, or eating when I am bored. It has nothing to do with feeling hungry, it is just mindless eating. This does not just apply to sugar. I will say that when I am stressed, sugar/candy is my go to snack. The boredom food is usually anything that is laying around.

Here are some tips that help when you are craving sugar, or just going to eat crap.

* Brush your teeth/use mouthwash. This will help because it keeps you busy for a little, and everything tastes bad once you brush your teeth.

* Eat a piece of fruit, like an apple. I might end up eating like 5 apples, which would defeat the purpose. So, try cutting an apple up into a bunch of pieces and sprinkle some cinnamon on it. Takes longer to finish the apple this way.

* Go for a walk/run. Working out in any way makes you feel good, and makes you want to be healthier in general.

If you still find yourself going on little binges, then write down everything you ate and calculate the amount of calories you took in. You don’t want to know the amount because it can be horrifying (believe me), but if it will help you the next time you want to mindlessly eat then DO IT!

pre-race stance

It was a last minute decision, but when a 5k race is starting across the street from your front door it is hard to turn down. I will be running in a 10K next weekend, so I wanted a little something to get me ready. This race was great! It went up a few huge hills which was a cool challenge. I ran an 8 min. mile, which is not too shabby. There were kids that were probably 10 and 11 years old that beat me. It was crazy. They sprinted the whole time! Races are great because they make you feel accomplished, and are a great start to the day, especially when you dieting. It is hard to eat junk when you ran in a race, because you want to keep that ” I am an athlete” thing going on.

Today was a big step for me. I attended a friend’s graduation party and there was ridiculous amounts of food. I did eat some french bread, but did not eat ANY of the desserts. There were at least 3 different cakes, a few pies and 3 plates of cookies. There was also fruit platter, of which I had some grapes and a few strawberries. I didn’t feel the urge to eat anything, which was surprising. I did just want one of the ginger snap cookies. I have been craving those for a few weeks now.

so many sweets

Feel content and healthy! Nothing like a good run to keep you on track.

Today was an interesting day. I had to go grocery shopping in the morning, and stupidly didn’t eat breakfast before I left. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to diet is to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. Everything looks much more delicious, and you end up opening a package of cookies in the car. Thank goodness for being on day 8, so I had a little more control then usual. I stuck to the grocery list, and only ate one string cheese in the car.

I bought some more sugar free jello, which is for when I am really wanting something after dinner. Which is how I felt tonight. I will post some more research about carbs + sugar tomorrow.

Day 7: Slip-ups

8 Grams of Sugar and take a look at the ingredients. Fructose arghh

I am only human, and yesterday I ate something I shouldn’t have. I was super hungry and stressed from the traffic jam I had just come out of. (emotional eater alert!) Once I reached my hair salon (20 minutes late!) I inhaled a rice crispy treat they had out in the waiting room. HORRIBLE I KNOW! I actually didn’t feel that good after eating it. Maybe my body is already getting used to low sugar.

Even with that mistake, I still managed to stay under the 16-32 grams of sugar (added sugar, not natural sugar) for the day. Definitely getting easier. Read the rest of this entry »


NO I am not going to start eating gluten free. Well not today anyway, But doing  research is fun!

Here is a webpage about living gluten free and refined sugar free. I am more about the refined sugar free thing as this point, and there are some great recipes on this site.

I knew a girl in college who could only eat gluten free food and it sounded horrible. She could pretty much never go out to dinner because the restaurant couldn’t say it was completely gluten free and they didn’t want to be the cause of her getting sick. This was almost 5 years ago, and now I see gluten free sections of menus and grocery stores popping up all over the place. I have also heard about how everyone should eat gluten free because it is a lot healthier. It is something to consider trying. Read the rest of this entry »

mmm plain

I am struggling with breakfast. I have been eating low fat plain Greek yogurt every day with plain almonds and frozen unsweetened fruit. I don’t really feel like egg whites everyday either…What I would like is some easy peazy cereal before work, but that may not be a good idea.

I know a lot of personal trainers. They know a lot about staying healthy and fit, and what foods one should eat to be healthy. I have learned a lot over the last few years, and I can tell you one thing for certain.. cereal is the devil. Read the rest of this entry »