A Sugar Addicts Struggle To Survive

half eaten cake in my fridge.

I actually have no cravings for sweets. I have not thought about candy for a while now. It would be harder if it was actually in my face, but fortunately for me nobody in my house has a big stash of the stuff lying around. There is however, a chocolate cake in my fridge. When I feel the urge to take a forkful when nobody is looking, I just think about the scene from the movie “Matilda” where Ms.Trumbull makes the fat kid eat an entire chocolate cake. EW.

I have noticed in the past few days that I have been eating a little too much bread. Mainly peanut butter (teddie all natural salt free) on 12 grain high fiber bread, but this isn’t the healthiest lunch & dinner. Preparing your meals ahead of time is the most important thing to do when trying to diet. Lately, I have been lazy with the food prep, and just eat on the run. I only have 30 minutes for lunch and usually have boot camp class right after work. Will have to work on that.


Comments on: "Day 12: Cut Back On The Carbies" (1)

  1. for me, the toughest thing about cutting down on carbs is losing the bread. I’ve tried lettuce and spinach leaves instead of bread when eating tuna and cold cuts. it works ok…

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