A Sugar Addicts Struggle To Survive

Day 7: Slip-ups

8 Grams of Sugar and take a look at the ingredients. Fructose arghh

I am only human, and yesterday I ate something I shouldn’t have. I was super hungry and stressed from the traffic jam I had just come out of. (emotional eater alert!) Once I reached my hair salon (20 minutes late!) I inhaled a rice crispy treat they had out in the waiting room. HORRIBLE I KNOW! I actually didn’t feel that good after eating it. Maybe my body is already getting used to low sugar.

Even with that mistake, I still managed to stay under the 16-32 grams of sugar (added sugar, not natural sugar) for the day. Definitely getting easier. So for anyone out there thinking about how they could never give up candy and sweets, just try a week straight and I am almost positive it will get easier for you.

Now who out there thinks that because I messed up I should add a day to the 21 days? Hmmmmmmmm. I will keep track of how many mini mistakes I make and maybe decide how to go from there at day 21. 

Here is to stronger will power for the weekend!


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