A Sugar Addicts Struggle To Survive

mmm plain

I am struggling with breakfast. I have been eating low fat plain Greek yogurt every day with plain almonds and frozen unsweetened fruit. I don’t really feel like egg whites everyday either…What I would like is some easy peazy cereal before work, but that may not be a good idea.

I know a lot of personal trainers. They know a lot about staying healthy and fit, and what foods one should eat to be healthy. I have learned a lot over the last few years, and I can tell you one thing for certain.. cereal is the devil.

Well, it is the devil if you are trying to reach certain weight loss goals. This is sad because I love cereal. I mean, I even like the plain ones like Cheerios and Corn Flakes. (only if Kix is mixed in with them.)

It is loaded with carbohydrates and depending on which cereal you choose, it can have a buttload of sugar. This of course is directed towards myself and others who eat around 3-4 bowls in a sitting. Ya know why? Because it isn’t very filling! ( and 3/4 cup is not a real serving!  )

According to this Livestrong article : “Each type of cereal has its own nutritional values, but most cereals tend to be low in fat and protein and rich in carbohydrates. The carbohydrate content varies widely. With some cereals, such as Fiber One original, are rich in fiber but low in sugars. Other cereals have a significant portion of carbohydrates coming from sugar, such as Fruit Loops, which contains 15 g of sugar.”

So, if there is anyone out there with some breakfast tips that are easy,cheap,fast,and low in sugar and carbs..gimme a holla!


Comments on: "Day 5: Breakfast Quandaries" (2)

  1. are you saying that Captain Crunch is bad for me?

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