A Sugar Addicts Struggle To Survive

What Are The Rules?

I have read a few different articles, and will continue to look into it more, but what are the rules for these sorts of things? Yes, I am cutting out sugar. As much as I can anyway. Sugar is everywhere. The main point of this is to stop eating candy obviously, but what about other foods we eat everyday? We don’t even realize how much sugar is in each thing, but there is always some.

I bought some sugar free jellos today as something to have when I am going into withdrawals. My boyfriend told me that was cheating. It is sugar free, but they must be putting in something along the lines of Splenda. So now I am debating whether or not Splenda and other fake sweeteners should be included in this 21 day diet.

Here is an interesting article I found on the Livestrong.com website.


Comments on: "What Are The Rules?" (2)

  1. a sweetner isn’t technically cheating, but you’d probably have better results if you stayed away from fake sugar as well, I guess…emotionally speaking.

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